Tuesday, July 1, 2008

JBossTools 2.1.2.GA Released
Posted by Marshall at 7/01/2008 02:54:00 PM

This release addresses several bugs that were found in the 2.1.1.GA released last month. You can see a full listing of resolved bugs here:


We are also releasing JBoss Developer Studio 1.1.0.GA based on this release, so feel free to check that out when it goes live soon!

You can download the new binaries from our downloads page here:


Davey said...

Hi Marshall, congrats on the release. Does this new version work on Ganymede?

Patrick said...

As i have seen there are some Bugs when using it with Ganymede =(( there are problems with the JBoss Server View, and the JBoss Tools Palette

Iman L Hakim said...

this version does not work well on 3.3, than i try 3.4 and has JBIDE 2138. should I wait for binary or can fix it by my self